Changshu jiarun Weaving Co., Ltd.About UsNo. 68, Silver Ring Road, southeastern Development Zone, Changshu CityIt is the manufacturer of the production and research and development of the clasp. There are more than 20 kinds of polyester and nylon clasp. The annual output reaches more than 1000 tons. The products are mainly used for the production of various mop heads, electronic 3C products, mother and baby girdles, etc.Microfiber cleaning products are mainly used for cleaning, polishing, waxing, professional cleaning (hospitals, schools, fitness), household cleaning. The market inEurope and the United States has been opened up. The fabric adopts the four point method of theUnited States to conduct full inspection, and the product process a

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What colour can be better than a fresh, vibrant green to express our desire for a fresh start amid a tumultuous social and political environment ? Pantone promptly answered the call, and presented Greenery – Pantone 15-0343 TPX – as their choice for Colour of the Year 2017.
On May 28th, Ecovacs robotics Limited by Share Ltd began trading on the main board of the Shanghai stock exchange today. The company’s A share capital is 400 million 100 thousand shares, the number of listed shares is 40 million 100 thousand shares, the securities referred to as “Ecovacs”, and the stock code is “603486”. The issue price was 20.02 yuan, the opening price was 24.02 yuan, and the increase was 44.01% after the deadline.
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